Carburetor Jet Advice Please

I have 2002 xr650r with the factory installed HCR uncorked kit. I don't think the jetting is right for my altitude so... what do you suggest? My home start is at 4750 feet elevation and includes both slow and high speed riding. 90% of my riding is between 4750 and 6000 feet but...when the snow melts I can go as high as 10,000 feet. (This is a new bike with about 1100 miles on it.)

Main jet?

Pilot jet?

Needle clip position?

Thanks a bunch!

check out this page it should answer most of your questions

i am still messing around with my jetting also :) i live at 7000ft so i know what you are talking about. good luck


Thanks, that helps tremendously! Now I feel great about how the pig runs because a typical "one tank" ride may vary over 5000 feet in elevation and easily 40-50 degrees in temperature! Bring on the fuel injection!

Hey man! I ride in Colorado regularly in the summer from 7000' to 13k, and I run a 160 main, needle either in the middle or 4th position, and she runs great up there.(bike is uncorked). Doesnt overheat even at slow, very steep and rocky climbs. doesnt sputter either. works good.

Sorry forgot to answer the other question. A 165 works great from 4 to 7k, with the competition needle installed and set to the middle position (#3). stock pilot. Bike should be properly uncorked airbox, intake and exhaust.

The bike will of course be a lot slower than it would be with 175 jetting below 1000'.

Yea I have been thinking of fuel injection too , anyone know if there is a aftermarket setup yet? seems like there would be a market if it was done right. i ride from 4500ft (moab) to 13000ft so it would come in handy :D nothing like Colorado ! gatta love those mountains. hmm maybe a turbo :)

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