Clarke,IMS,or Ty Davis???

Which company makes the best tank? I am looking into getting a bigger tank and I'm having a tough time making up my mind? Any help is most helpful!

My bro has a Clarke and likes it.

Do a search for 'Chazlom' for a picture of his bike.

Gar :)

The ZipTy tanks are made by IMS, I don't know if they are a different design than the IMS branded tanks or not.

Put a clarke on my 450 and i like it.

I purchased 2 of the TY-Davis tanks manufactured by IMS. I have been happy with them for the most part. The biggest drawback to me has been the extremely tight squeeze between the tank and the carb when trying to get to the Choke handle because of the tight routing of the fuel line on the left side. Additionally I had a tank crack and begin leaking fuel on the flat surface just below the tank strap on the rear (The Davis folks were great and replaced the tank immediately at no cost to me including shipping). I have not had any problems since except a discoloration issue on one of the tanks that I have not yet addressed whith them.

Bonzai :)

I have a 450 currently and a (used) IMS on the shelf waiting for install. Had a clarke on my 426 and it worked out well, but side by side (looks and obvious construction only) Id go for the IMS, fwiw. :)

Thanks for all the input guys :)

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