Need DRZ 125 Frame, DR 125 swap?

Basically I have cracked my DRZ 125 frame but I have heard the DR and DRZ motors are essentially the same. Could I use a DR 125 frame for a replacement? Im sick of welding mine and cannot find any DRZ frames in the UK.

I have looked at a DR frame recently and the motor looking like it'll find like a glove, my only trouble is obviously a seat, fuel tank ETC but I'll probably cut the old mounts off the Z and weld them. But can anyone confirm if the motor will fit or not? Like I said, sick of welding my frame every two months. Any help is greatly appreciated.

arent you just back to square 1 again using a 125 frame ?

2 hours ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

arent you just back to square 1 again using a 125 frame ?

Well no like I said my frame is cracked and I need a new one, I want to swap my DRZ 125 frame out for the DR 125 frame as they should fit

Motor will fit, pretty sure nothing else will.   You may try welding a cradle under your motor on the DRz  frame


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