Should I buy a WR450?

Im 16 years old, 160 lbs, 5'11 and I have experience on 250f's and I dont like them because they dont have enough power for me, I want a WR450 but dont know if I could handle a 450. any suggestions?

Well, I'm 6ft, and weigh 175 and have a YZ426F.. Can handle it fine, love it. So you probable can handle it, just get yourself familiar with the bike first untill you are adjusted to the power difference.

No problem with the power. You can handle it. The stock WR450 is pretty tame. You can Mod it out later and even YZ cam it. :)

Based on you size and weight. The WR/YZ 250f should be enough for you. You can modify the power on the 250f the same way as the 450f. I know plenty of big guys riding the 250f. As a parent of a 14 yrs old, this is my only question. Who paying? :D If I'm paying you are getting a 250f. If you are paying, then get what you want. :)

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