2t power valve farkle

Here's a neat mod I came across that I've never seen in the interwebs before. I found it on aomc.mx Adjust your power valve without needing a tool :)


looks vulnerable ?

I'll let ya know when I get it. If it protrudes out too far, a guy could grind it down a little bit. 


I changed all the bolts that hold the tank and plastics in place, to socket headed cap screws. That way the allen key snugged into some rubber tubing up on my handlebars can change the PV setting in 10 seconds, or remove the tank, or the side plastics  where I keep all my tyre repair stuff. Will still have change in the bank:)

I've never really felt the need to quickly change the powervalve, I think I ended up a turn in from flush and never felt the need to change it anymore.

7 hours ago, Sierra_rider said:

I've never really felt the need to quickly change the powervalve, I think I ended up a turn in from flush and never felt the need to change it anymore.

When I go from single to two tracks and back and forth, it's nice to be able to tame it down (on the single). I like to really let her rip on the two track, but it's not as much fun in the single :)

Pretty much all the time I just leave mine all the way out to let her rip, even on single track. Remember, the clutch is your friend! But its great to be able to tame her down at the end of the day when I am close to exhausted, and still have some gnarly, big step up country to negotiate. It has proven itself many times to let me get home without being spat off too many times, or risk body damage (mine, not the bike!)  when it now takes months instead of days to recover from a big 'off'

With the pipe and my combo skid plate pipe guard I don’t think this doohickey is going to be vulnerable to damage. For under $25 bucks it’s a nice little mod. It’s sort of in the range of fork air bleeders value but cool. This can be made with a little Allen wrench that is cut off and made with a little flat edge to easily turn. Drop a little silicone in the hole before putting the Allen wrench in so it stays put. This red one is already madeand not expensive. I just have my powervalve about half way? I guess it would be easier to adjust and be bling as well. Im going to look at what I have for spare Allen wrench to see if I could make one or maybe buy the doohicky. It’s no big deal though as I usually just leave at one setting. Like the aftermarket air adjuster for a carb. It’s set and leave it most times. Still a cool little mod here

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Here's an update on it and a couple pics. The whole install took about 10 minutes. Super easy. I don't feel like it's vulnerable at all. The pipe sticks out 4 inches past the adjuster. It's tucked nicely between the clutch case and pipe. I think it's a slick little addition. 



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