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1987 DR200 Lights blow

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I have a 1987 DR200 dirt bike with a taillight, headlight, and no regulator. The headlight bulb is 25 watts, the tail 5 watts. The system is 6 volts, AC, and no battery.

As it stands, the wires are routed like this: live wire from stator through the headlight, to the taillight, and then to ground (in series). The "ground" is about 5 wires meeting in a common splice.

My lights stopped working so I replaced the bulbs, and they immediately blew upon startup. I rode it for months without lights and started finally working on them tonight. 

Here's what happens:

If I crank it with the headlight installed and the taillight installed, the taillight ONLY will flash. If I start it fully, the taillight blows instantly, and the headlight never flashes.

If I short out the two leads heading to the taillight, the headlight only will flash when cranking. 

I cannot get them both to light under any circumstances.

Update: I just now wired them separately from the live wire to ground (in parallel). This causes both to work at idle, but revving past idle made them brighten, flicker, and blow.

Update 2: Okay, I think the PO messed up. Apparently the stator and the rest have separate circuits? There are two lighting wires coming from the stator; I had the black going to the ground splice and the live wire used as described. I just now separated the black wire and made this circuit (no taillight because I blew my last one): stator live > headlight > shorted taillight > stator black. The headlight worked fine and let me rev it sky high without blowing. I'll order a tail bulb and see what happens.


Can someone explain to me why this happens even if I kinda solved my own problem?

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