Anyone been to Steel City?

I'm racing there this Sunday and would like any input you guys have for gearing selection, suspension settings, tires, and what to expect for the layout. Thanks.

I live about a half hour from steel city track ( I have raced there twice last year). It is a fast track with alot of nice big jumps. After a few laps the dirt becomes really hard pack ( great for big blue)! I was going to race there sunday but I will be out of town so let us know how you finish and how you liked the track.

I would go with an int tire. Tacky in the am and gets hard in the afternoon. Some big air and some hellacious braking bumps. Super track and one of the best tracks for spectators on the National circuit.


That's in Delmont..right? At the time there was a body shop with a blue Volkswagon bug with two front ends welded together up on a pole just beyond the road to the track, is it still there? I grew up in Greensburg. It has been 10 years since I was there so I am no help for setup...just brought back some memories. Use to fool around with one of the flag girls...ahhh... those flag girls.... good times, we use to party hard when the pros came to town. Now I am here ripping it up in Arizona. We have it all here, wide open desert, dunes, single track, beach/Mexico is 4 hours away, just no damn water! Good luck!

Skiv24, I'm staying in Pittsburgh the night before, could possibly give me some directions to get there. I really appreciate the info. Thanks again.

Where are you staying? And yes the blue volkswagen is still on the pole!!

went there for the National last September. we ran a michelin MH2 and it did great. the track ruts up, gets hard, and braking bumps galore. it's very nice place. easy to spectate. pick a line going into a corner & ride it like ya are on rails & you'll do good. can't wait till Labor Day to go back. 14 hours one way was the only bad part. left Sunday at 6pm after the race... only stopped for gas... pulled in the driveway in Georgia at 8am Monday. Flea woke up... looked around and said "hey, we're home". smacked him as i headed for bed :)

I can't believe that damn volkswagen is STILL there!

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