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Okay I need some advice. My wife wants a dirt bike, she wants to whip my #$% on the track. She seems serious, so what the heck. Here it is, the 125's are too tall and she is not comfortable, so what do ya'll think of a kx 100, too fold, for her not to get hurt and not to whip me,lol

Get her a 250F, shorten the suspension and watch out!

I would suggest an XR 200. Those little things are easy to maintain and ride, they are practically bullet proof. I think they are about the same size as a KX 100 too. Keep her on a stroker, stay away from the two smokes :) ! Seriously, the XR would be a little easier to handle at first, although it might not be so good on the track. It would give her a good starting point to learn on, then get her a little more aggressive MX bike like the KX 100 once she gets some confidence and experience.

You should think about the Kawasaki KLX 300. A good chick bike.

If you have to go with a HONDA ......then go with the new one.......I hear it is a great CHICK bike....I think it is the CRF450r or something?!! :):D


Just kiddin red!

My fiancee bought a 2001 KX100 for the same reasons, she is 5'4" tall and weighs 115. The bike is easy to start for her and she can handle the power, we ride mostly in the dunes and the bike gets around fine, just requires more shifting. I think the bike is a little small for her, she has trouble standing while riding. Taller bars moved further forward may help.

She is talking about wanting a 4 wheeler, just so riding is not so much work and I just want to her have fun, so a Raptor may be purchased soon.

Might sell the KX, it has a paddle tire, FMF Fatty and is jetted and is "girl owned"....$2900.

Let me know if you are interested.

My good freind just got his girlie a KX100. She races downhill mountain bikes so you would think she would have some skills, she does ,but....I think that bike is too much for her. She gets scared of it and grabs too much throttle and wipes out. I think it winds up too fast as learner bike. I rode the damn thing it does have quite a bit kick! I can ride wheelies in 4th gear. That little bike amazed me! She is going to kill herself. I told them to go buy extra brake and clutch levers and throw 'em in the tool box. and some hand guards to protect the levers cause she is gonna wreck it. Do you think they listen? Nooooooo. No Kermit, doesn't know what hell he is talking about. What she do the first 5 minutes?....brakes the damn brake lever. She buys a new lever and no hand guards...what happens again? Brakes the new lever! What we think are good bikes for the girls aren't. I am not saying your wife can't ride. Hell she might kick all of arses!!! Just see if she can test ride some things, see what she likes and not what you like. Just one more thing. There is no way I am getting one for my girl...there is a reason I ride..... to get away from it all...you might be opening ANOTHER can of worms all together! :) How about a YZ250f if she hates it YOU have another bike.

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Can your girl ride already? My wife really wanted one (almost in tears when I got home with a bike for me and not for her) so I got her a brand new XR100. In almost a year she's probably got less than an hour on it..heh.. I hope your girl is more serious than this!

Anyway here's my $.02. If she can ride already or is really serious about wanting to do MX then I would go with an MX bike of some sort. My wife started on a YZ80 and though she didn't really like the zap (she did not want to ride MX at all) she did OK on it. She likes the XR100 more, but again she has no desire for MX, only riding on flat roads (ZZzzz...). However a 4 stroke would be a lot easier to learn on, I would just hate to waste the money if she wants to do MX because you'll be swapping bikes in no time. If she's serious about MX then I would definitely go for an 80 or 100 MX bike. A model with a power valve would be nice for a beginner. If she could test ride a couple of models somewhere then that would be ideal. Good luck!

TTR125L, my wife loves hers, and I like it too! You just need to put heavier springs in the forks and shock.

My vote for the KX-100, I wish I would have bought my son that bike instead of his TTR-125L. If she is going to ride on a track and leave the ground with both wheels at the same time don't buy the TTR-125L. If you want a list of parts my son has broken PM me. Mike

I'm a 5'5'', 110 pound, mx chick. I had a KX-100 and I liked the size a lot. It fit me perfectly. I just didn't like shifting all the time like what you have to do for them. I bought myself a 2001 YZ-250F and I love it. The only problems I have is I can't get the suspension dialed in and it's a little too tall for me to start. For me, it's a no-brainer. I would trade the few bad things for the awesome bike I own. I would definetely stay on a four-stroke. Hope this helps to have a girl's point of view. :)

TTR-125L. Plus, it makes a great pit bike.

Thanks for all the advice, she had never ridden, but say she wants to try. she seems excited about doing this, hell she puts up with me not growing up so I cannot complain.

I'll have to 2nd the TTR-125L. Great bike! Easy to ride. Very beginner friendly. My buddies wife has one and she never rode a m/c in her life....she picked it up after 2 stalls. Now she loves it. She considered riding mx with it but thankfully gave up the idea.

I hate seeing pretty girls get hurt with these machines.

Anyway...for sure the best thing for a beginner wife is the TTR-125L.

If my wife would go riding with me on a regular basis then I would be estatic! Get her whatever she wants as long as she rides it. :)

Also the advice from a girl sounds great, I'd say she would know better than we do what a person in a girls shoes may like.

Go apeshi@ and get her a Vertamti 570 super motard machine.

Honestly, Id get her one of the little TTR's or one of the small XR's. Ill be ya dollars to donuts she doesnt ride it, maybe a hour every 2 mos.

#1 - ttr125l w bbr springs

#2 - gasgas pampara (2002) more cash but more bike

let me add one more kink to the equation, she wants to ride in our womens division at our local track, now what suggestions can i get from the experts.

If the primary riding spot is a track then I would definitely say go for an MX bike. Otherwise you'll be trading it in very quickly.

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