????? wife


She is gonna Smoke Your Butt :):D

Well this post has sparked some interest with my wife. Just got back from picking up a part at my local Yamie dealer and I checked out the TTR-125 (no L on display). Shes actually interested ...

Hey can you put a car seat on one of those ?? :)

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I bought my wife a CR80 big wheel about a month ago. She has never ridden before and loves it. I like the fact that she can control it easy because the weight and the power are just right for a beginner. The great thing is that when she revvvvved it to high and popped the clutch she just stood up and let the bike go. Get what you feel she can handle, I can almost gaurantee she doesn't know!

I got a Porsche for my wife last month

Best Trade I ever got

Man that guy was stupid

My wife went to the bike shop for the first time the other day with me. Now its getting her to the hills to watch her daughter ride, If I can get her on the xr I know I will be picking her up an xr100.....

If she's going to race....then I still 2nd the TTR-125L. The "L" will give here the big wheels and a front disc brake.

There are so many options for this bike you can trick it to her level.

And when she finally busts her a$$ hard and gives it up...you'll have a nice pit bike for yourself.


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