Checking Valve Clearence

This is a continuation of my post under user name coloradowr, I think I found TDC on the compression stroke, thanks guys, and the exhaust cam lines up, however the punch mark on the intake cam is 1/16 – 1/8 of an inch below the top of the case. Do you think this is a problem? If so, what might be the cause? How should I fix it? Here are some photos of the right and left side of the cams at TDC. Sorry for the poor quality.


Cant really see the picture very well. One thing you can do is to paint the chain links at the timing marks so you can get it back on in the right spot. Make sure to check the crankshaft flywheel timing marks also.

if the ex mark is right, but the inlet one is below the surface, the inlet sprocket may have slipped, or you may have your inlet cam retarded one tooth. Cam chain stretch will cause the EX mark to be ABOVE the surface, and the inlet to be BELOW


Hamish, a pm I got said that his bike the intake cam was just below, 1/2 tooth, below the case, and he thought it was normal, do you disagree? If it is off what do you do to fix it? Just move the cam? Then bike has always runs great, I just don't want to adjust the valves if something is not right.

When in doubt paint / mark the chain location and move the timing one tooth either way. You clearly see that it's just stretch causing the slight mis timing. I'm not even sure as if a new chain get's it perfectly lined up. Up was just looking at an 03 450 that doesn't look any different than my 98 400. :)

Don't forget to move it back after you prove to yourself that it's on the money!

And as far as checking the clearance, as long as your on the base circle (dwell) of the cam lobe you can check for the clearance. You can be off a little from TDC and your readings will be the same. Don't go moving it 10-15 degrees, I'm talking just a little.

Thanks Trailriderjoe, I stopped by my local shop and they said the same thing. Thanks

Good info!

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