Beta evo included parts?

I just picked up my 2018 Beta Evo 200. The dealer included a few things in the box, such as the owners manual CD, a liter of premix oil, the rest of a liter of tranny oil, and a horn and a speedometer.

Why in the world do they included the horn and speedo? The horn looks to be barely worthy of a kid's toy car, and the speedo might work on a bicycle. Why not skip those two valuable parts and lower the price of the bike by a huge amount, say $5?

Does anyone have a use for them?

Trials bikes are road ridden in many parts of Europe . It’s not worth brands making a North American spec bike for the amounts they import 

1 hour ago, kaos said:

Trials bikes are road ridden in many parts of Europe . 

I had heard that. I have a hard time seeing how you could see anything with a typical trials bike headlight, and unless you are very tall, you can't even see the taillight because its on the top of the rear fender, which is pointing up at an angle that hides the taillight from behind. Maybe they have looser laws on the other side of the pond.

I think the licensing offices are a little more forgiving . Events like the Scottish 6 days have a large amount of road riding . On another note many are surprised events like the Romania’s  Romaniacs have riders commute to and from the city centre  each day on their licenced enduros . Not uncommon to ride for an hour on highways .

9 hours ago, kaos said:

 Not uncommon to ride for an hour on highways .

Oh, I would totally hate hours on the highway on my Evo. No seat, no joy long distance. Even my KTMs leave a lot to be desired when you sit too long.

You mean you didn't get yours mirrors too? LOL. 

Trials bikes have always come with that crap. Beta's aren't the only ones. 

On 2/19/2018 at 10:10 PM, ccullins said:

You mean you didn't get yours mirrors too? LOL. 

BTW, in PA, to pass inspection, there has to be a specified number of square inches of mirror surface. I don't remember how big it has to be, but I know that the little folding enduro mirrors that folks like to put on dirt bikes are not big enough. So one of them is not enough. If you want to pass PA inspection, you need two of the things. As if anyone can see anything out of a mirror on a single-cylinder dirt bike.

The Yamaha WRs over here used to be supplied with a 'road kit', which is the same as what you're describing + mirrors and exhaust restrictor.

The reason was that they were all complied for use on Australian roads and were delivered and inspected with all that gear on them. When the dealerships received them they prepped them for off road by removing all that stuff and installing a 'trip meter' and different jets (no need for grey wire mod, Aussie models were never restricted). 

My guess is what kaos said, no need for a different model for the US market, they just remove all the 'rest-of-the-world' road gear. 

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