Graphics lifting on edges?

I just put a new set of tank and shroud graphics on my 426. These are Factory Effex graphics and I have not yet ridden the bike with the new graphics on it. On the very edges of the shrouds the graphics are lifting ever so slightly. These are not bubbles, but the edges just won't adhere in all places. The graphics went on very well otherwise, and there are no other flaws. I know that exactly 3.62589 seconds after I ride the bike for the first time, dirt will get under these tiny spots where the graphics have lifted and this will be the beginning of the end to my new graphics. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Yes this is normal with graphics, they don't always stick perfectly. Just get some 3M adhesive spray and spray it under the parts that are coming off and let it kind of gum up, then using a hair dryer apply heat and rub the sticker til it sticks. This works for me all the time!

Ditto for me.


Ditto x3

good advice works great

ditto no4. my Nstyle graphics were full on pealing off and I just cleaned them off with acetone( the back of the stickers and the tank) and sprayed them with the 3m trim adhesive, let the stuff cure for 10 mins and stuck them back down. They're stuck now, thats for sure.

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