EMM needle / de-octopus

I'm not looking for a big mid-range hit, looking for smooth power from idle and up.

About to de-octopus and set my carb to Taffy's jetting specs., including the APJ mod., and ordering the PAJ-screw. Apparently I can leave my start jet at 60 and set my PA(J)S to whatever number I desire?

If I were to order a range of pilot jets, mainjets, main air jets, and starter jets, any suggestions?

What's the part number for the EMM needle?


Look at the jetting in my signature. I have been working with Taffy on this configuration and have the bike running awesome but, will try to lean the PJ circuit some more.

Sudco # for the EMM= KE 017.261

I just called Sudco (talked to a brittish guy) and told him I had an FCR and needed the following sizes:

MJ=155, 158, 160

MAJ= 160

PJ= 38, 35

PAJ= get the screw (KE 021.230) and spring (KE 021.235) (infinite adjustablity)

You might also want to check out the post on the WR side titled jetting and suspension.


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