Disc Gaurds

Who's running after market disc gaurds?

After ridding this weekend I discovered that my back gaurd is broken....pretty good too. I didn't even know untill someone pointed it out to me.

So, I need to get a new one. Should I just go stock or should I go aftermarket?

Do you really need one for the front disc?

What are you guys running and where can I order them?

I run an xr's only on the rear and I use the Acerbis fork/disc guard up front. Devol also makes some nice ones too. Works well and looks good. The only thing I don't like about aftermarket ones is that the rear and front disc guards do not encompass the entire disc like the stock plastic one. They just hang a tad lower on the front to stop rocks before hitting them.

Do you really need one for the front disc? What are you guys running and where can I order them?

Everything's fine without them UNTIL you drop it. I've got the stock rear guard on my XRL and its still intact to date. But last time I went off-roading at McCain Valley in So Cal in the rain 2 weekends ago, the front end washed out on me more than I care to remember. Something to do with the crappy front tire I had that I replaced the very next day!

I'm really glad I decided to install the Acerbis fork/disc guards this past winter. I've got some nasty gouges on each of the plastic covers that would have been on metal, or worse. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

For the rear, do a search for the "Shark fin." It's a really nicely machined, all aluminum replacement for the rear plastic guard. Not cheap, but well worth it. Once I break mine, I'll be getting one of those. Baja Designs and lots of other places sell 'em.

Dual Dog- go check out the rear disc guard made by Scott's, that is a Piece of Art! Well that and a $129 price tag...

That'd be the one.

Santa brought me Devol front and rear guards. They both wrap around to guard the leading edge of the disk. Great product and priced right.

The Scott's unitis much more than just a shark fin! It replaces the entire caliper mounting bracket assembly and guard with a single piece. :)

I use the Acerbis fork/disc guard up front.

Which Acerbis model fits the 650R?

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