1980 DR400s Carb

Hi Guys,

I’m new here!

Also only 20 years old haha! - a couple years back I acquired my grandads old DR400s.... (long story, he bought it brand new in 1980, sold it to his cousin in 81, it then got put in storage from 81 - 2016) basically I spent a good 6 months fully restoring this beautiful bike! (Favourite bike I have ever worked on) - stupidly low miles and two registered keepers from new!!.

The downside to it being stored is there was fuel left in the tank and carb! - I’ve had the carb to bits multiple times, soaked in many types of cleaner... I still am having issues getting the thing to start.

basically I was just wondering if anyone had managed to find an Aftermarket carb that is a straight swap for this bike that won’t ruin the bank!!


Hello Elliott, new here as well. Will be following this as there are some great minds on here. I did see one fella on here did a budget carb swap on a 91 350s I believe. If you look up the post about ‘hanging idle’ he describes it. I had questions regarding the swap as the head side of the carb, from the specs i dug up on it and the stock one, was larger on the new carb, and not sure what mod was necessary on the carb mount boot. It’s a swap I’d consider if mine acts up in the future. Had same issues as when I got my 90 it had sat for a while prior, did a thorough job cleaning and did a rebuild. Replacement stock carbs are huge money, the swap he did all said and done was said to be around a hundred, and I believe that as the carb he used was around 50 on ebay. If you can find the article it may help you

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