What are the thoughts on aluminum rear sprockets? Baffling concept of an aluminum sprocket and steel chain, do they really hold up? Going to take a guess these would be more for motocross than trail. I’m due for sprockets n chain on my DR350, trail ridden

Steel is a much harder material than even hardened aluminum. The sprocket will have a very short life. The steel chain will eat an aluminum sprocket up if used during normal riding. Racing is short term, and many parts are changed often. You want longevity. Just my 2-cents.

I only use steel

What about all the chain choices? Is O-ring better chain?

On 2/21/2018 at 6:47 PM, LG256 said:

What about all the chain choices? Is O-ring better chain?

Suzuki put an O-ring chain on the bike originally.  That being said, I never used O-ring chains when I was racing MX or riding trials.

I live in Baja...o-ring chain only when you live in a sand box and only chain lube that evaporated with no residue. Then the chain lasts!

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