Best place to buy chain sprockets?

Need a new chain and sprockets for my 02, these thumpers sure do wear them out quick! Was wondering where you guys like to get them. I have seen "heavy duty" kits in magazine ads for around $100-125. Any preferences on brands, Renthal, DID, RK etc.? O ring or not? Thanks for the advice in advance. Keep choppin!

Steer clear of the Renthal stuff. Its light but soft as butter. Im having great luck with a Sprocket Specialist part on the rear.

4:20 what time is it? :):D:D:D:D

I agree with Shawn,

You can't beat the prices plus customer support of Sprocket Specialists

O-ring chains when properly maintained will outlast non-oring chains by 3 times. Also o-ring chains don't stretch like a conventional chain will. Its well worth the extra money.

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any kind of steel sprocket, primary drive, very cheap, would be a great one to choose. i would really recommend a DID X Ring 520 chain :)

I bought an AFAM 15-tooth chromoly countershaft sprocket and a 49-tooth aluminum rear for $140. Holding up nicely! I went to their warehouse and bought directly from them.

Try the Krause Racing stainless steel sprocket. From what i've heard they are pricey, but it will be the last sprocket you will ever buy.

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