Bringing My 350 Back To Life

             In Jan. of 1991, I brought home a brand new shiny DR350. My first, and only new bike purchase. If I remember correctly, the bike and a new Shoei helmet put me at $3000 out the door. For the next 12 years, I rode the crap out of that bike, and it never let me down. Then I picked up a ‘94 DR350SE to expand my riding opportunities.

             So, the 91 started to collect dust. I then picked up an ‘05 DRZ400S in 2007. By this time, the old DR had sat for a couple three years. Ended up having to tear the carb apart to clean and install a new pilot jet, as it was plugged tight. Bike ran good. I believe 2010 was the last time it was ridden, as the son crashed it trail riding which bent the stock bars and broke the clutch lever.

          About 3 or 4 years ago, I was going to get it running again. So, I picked up a new pilot jet, as I was sure it would be needed again along with a new clutch lever. Well, never did get around to messing with it.

        So, yesterday, i pulled the carb and tank. Surprisingly, the inside of the carb was in fairly good shape. Even the pilot was clean. So with a quick cleaning, and a cleaning of the tank, had to go pick up a new air filter as the one in the bike fell apart when I removed it for cleaning, threw it all back together, dumped in some fresh gas, and she fired right up. 

       So, now that its running again, today I ordered up a few hundy in new parts to get it going down the trail again. It was in serious need of a new chain and sprockefs, both tires are well beyond worn out, new bars coming also. I also ordered up a new plug and oil filter. Cant wait to get it back on the trails again.

Great to hear the bike is getting attention again! No longer on the island of lost toys eh. Post some pics if you got em!

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