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Bringing My 350 Back To Life

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             In Jan. of 1991, I brought home a brand new shiny DR350. My first, and only new bike purchase. If I remember correctly, the bike and a new Shoei helmet put me at $3000 out the door. For the next 12 years, I rode the crap out of that bike, and it never let me down. Then I picked up a ‘94 DR350SE to expand my riding opportunities.

             So, the 91 started to collect dust. I then picked up an ‘05 DRZ400S in 2007. By this time, the old DR had sat for a couple three years. Ended up having to tear the carb apart to clean and install a new pilot jet, as it was plugged tight. Bike ran good. I believe 2010 was the last time it was ridden, as the son crashed it trail riding which bent the stock bars and broke the clutch lever.

          About 3 or 4 years ago, I was going to get it running again. So, I picked up a new pilot jet, as I was sure it would be needed again along with a new clutch lever. Well, never did get around to messing with it.

        So, yesterday, i pulled the carb and tank. Surprisingly, the inside of the carb was in fairly good shape. Even the pilot was clean. So with a quick cleaning, and a cleaning of the tank, had to go pick up a new air filter as the one in the bike fell apart when I removed it for cleaning, threw it all back together, dumped in some fresh gas, and she fired right up. 

       So, now that its running again, today I ordered up a few hundy in new parts to get it going down the trail again. It was in serious need of a new chain and sprockefs, both tires are well beyond worn out, new bars coming also. I also ordered up a new plug and oil filter. Cant wait to get it back on the trails again.

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