California riders.....stop land closure and sign this online !



C'mon TTers...!!

If there's 10k of you out there why less than 4k signatures. :)

You can do better than that...hell, even if you don't care, it only takes a minute of your time.

Please sign the darn thing and let's get back to riding.

Ride On...


Me 3765

My Wife 3766 :)

3782 :) Just tired of my own money being used against me.

They close enough Ill move to Nevada. Even thats getting in now though.



Done...#5859 everyone should submit a response, & join the Blue Ribbon Coalition

Signing this is great, but if you really want to make a difference I suggest you join the BlueRibbon Coalition, it only costs $20 and they are fighting for us. Chances are you would spend $20 for some part, why not spend it to keep trails open?


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