I am buying a new chain and sprockets. I will be getting the DID X-Ring chain and Iron Man rear sprocket. They are telling me that Iron Man does not make a front sprocket that fits the XR 600 R, although I could grind it down to fit. Is it worth the trouble to grind a Iron Man down to fit, or is there a something out there that is almost as good ? Given new chain and sprockets, do I need new sliders on the swingarm ? How do I know when the sliders need to be replaced ?


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I don't think it would be worth the trouble or expense to have a sprocket surface ground to fit your 6hunny. I am using a Titax front and it seems to be holding up fine after a year (still looks new). Sprocket Specialists is also good I hear ( I just bought a 13 tooth but haven't tried it yet).

I would definitely look at your chain slider, chain guide and chain slipper (just under swing arm pivot). I replaced mine shortly after replacing the sprockets and chain since the slipper looked pretty badly worn and the slider looked a little more than half worn through. I turned the rub block over in the chain guide (after I bought a new one (brain fart)). I bought a UFO slider and a White Brudders rub block from the TT store and the OEM slipper (Honda part number 50911-MN1-670) from :)

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