Magura Hydraulic clutch


I picked one up a few weeks ago. I also picked up the EZ-pull lever mentioned by yz450jack. I could not believe how easy the pull was!! Their were points on the track where I went to reach for it and thought it was gone since it took next nothing to pull it compared to stock! I got used to it though after a few laps and just loved it. Just ask YZVET or LBZYZ426, they were amazed with the pull.

The only gripe I have is that I seem to be drawing air into the system or I have alot of air that is still in the system. It'll make it's way up to the master cylinder and it causes me to have to pull the clutch in twice as far which isn't too bad since normally it engages after pulling it in a 1/2 inch. May have to bleed it some more I guess.

I just got a brand new one for cheap. Also had a ASV clutch lever. How does the old actuator come out of the Magura lever and fit into the ASV one? And whats the best way to order a braided line for it?

Go online to Magura's site and email or call Lonnie in tech. service. He will hook you up.

I would strongly recomend against it. I had one and not only was the pull not any better but, the damn thing broke 30 miles up in the Sawtooths! NO NO MAGURA! I was fortunate that I had my stock clutch back @ camp and was able to run it once I made it back to camp---30 miles with no clutch In the rocky mountains. sweet.

One bad experience does not make a bad product. I LOVE my Magura hydro unit. If your clutch pull was not any easer then I daresay you have other issues as well. Sorry to hear you had no luck, but there are TONS of Magura hydraulic clutches out there with no problems. Not to mention every KTM has one now and they get nothing but praise in the magazines, all of them.

Cable clutches are old tech and are soon to go by the wayside...just wait and see. :thumbsup:

I'm waiting...still waiting.....still waiting.

I'm waiting...still waiting.....still waiting.

No need to be rude...paradigms die hard. I understand your reluctance to fully embrace newer technology and I feel for you. :thumbsup:

Proper installation is critical to long life with the Magura slave cylinder. Mine has been working great and no problems for almost a year. And I ride nearly every weekend. :thumbsup:

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