Hot News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking to my Yamaha dealer today I learned Yamaha is making a retrofit "ELECTRIC START" (magic button) for the 426 and 250! It should be availible soon with a cost around $400.00 This seems a little steep to me but for racing I have to consider it.

Thats cool and all, but my YZ is heavy enough already.

It is supposed to run off a dry cell battery that is very light. Produces just enough power to start the bike; it will not power lights.

Why ????????????????????????????????????????????

If I wanted a bike with electric start I would have gotten a freaking BMW Paris to Daker Bike

Man That is the lamest thing I have ever heard, an electric start on the YZ, I am puzzled, WHY????? :)

Thats like Boobies on a boar




Ego, Do you really need to ask why? Just look at at all the post over the years... I can't start my bike, I"m going with KTM for the e start, procedure tooooo complicated,the whining has been plenty. "Be careful what you ask for.. you might get it".

Be careful here. I ride a 400 KTM with an electric starter - it works GREAT but I also know guys that bought the kit for there SXs and they just don't seem to work as good as when they come from the factory installed. I have only kick started my bike once since I've owned it (one year).It seems like a weird thing to most of us coming from old school dirt biking to have a e start on a dirt bike but once you have it you will not go back. Good luck with the kit! :)

Its not the electric start its the fact the the purity of the bike is disimbowled with those that want to buture it by placing stupid things like electric start.

If its an electric start ya want then go get a ktm or a beemer or what ever else has one.

To me I am a purest, I bought the bike becouse it is an awsome bike. I have never had issues starting the beast stock or modified.

To add such things like electric start to it in my mind is ludicris, its hararsy,

Its Its


HeHe :)

To me the YZ is perfect and with the correct finess it can be perfection. But I bleed YZ blue.

I kick mine over just fine. NO E-start.

What a waste of money.

Well the A-hole that rides my bike has a problem with sliding it to square off turns(underneath people :D ) and then poops a twinkie when he stalls it. I should buy him that damn starter,

or kick his A$$.. :)

Hey Mike,

I know you're reading this since I sent you the link. Is it true or is this dealer wishing to sell stuff that doesn't exist.

I dare you to place a post here to confirm or deny this rumor. I will not compromise your position at Big Blue by revealing your name and email address to the over 5000 members of ThumperTalk. Hey, no pressure....

If it is true when can we expect to see them at the dealers?

If you don't want to post send me an e-mail and I will post on your behalf.

absolutely no need for an electric start, just learn the drill, its not that bad come on people...

egoahole,you need to take a few spelling lessons before boasting of a 140 IQ

Gotta side with Shawn on this one, I need no more weight.

(but if your a racin mother I can see where this would be a good thing)

But for me Ill just keep on kickin.


Not boasting bout me my IQ is = to the HP on the YZ

someone else boasted and I am just digging :)

I raced my big blue twice this month. 2 weeks ago, I stalled the bike on my second moto after getting the hole shot :) I was dead last by the time I got the bike fired up. I didn't panic and took my time with the drill...started 2nd kick.

I figured this would never happen again....I RARELY stall my in practice.

This last weekend. In the heat of a race...I'm in 4th working on a Red rider....he's tired and I know I can take him....come into a berm right on his back tire...POP...the dam thing stalled again... :D &%$#@!.....By the time I get the bike started.....11th...Finished behind a KDX200....OMG!!!!!

Rumor or No Rumor... Extra Weight???...I don't give a Sh*T.......I'd gave $4000 in those few seconds of starting that bike to have the E-start.

I know the stalling is my fault...just being nervous and all but Dam guys this bike can ruin your day in a race when it coughs.

I'm for the E-Start....Honestly...I'd probably hook it up only when I race....the rest of the time...It won't be needed

Ever stall your bike on the face of a steep, gnarly hill climb? An e-start would be perfect for something like that. Whether or not the retrofitted electric starter rumor is true is a whole 'nother question.

Actually, turning the idle up really cuts down on the stalling in berms

I agree!!! turning your idle up helps with not stalling....however, I'm on of those guys that gets tunnel vision when I'm racing...I simply jammed on the gas in the wrong gear....stupid mistake...we've all done imagine this:

Pull in the clutch...Tap a button.... engine fires instantly.... drop down to the right gear start throwing some roost in less than 2 seconds is my idea of saving my ass in a race. What concept.

The weight issue isn't something I wouldn't look foward to...I could ease up on the Budweiser and offset most of what that kit would add. :)

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