How often should I change the oil on my 426?

I was out in the back yard today feeling the difference that the TPS mod made. I looked on my Trail Tech Endurence and saw that I had 50 miles on my last oil change. Can you guys give me any recomendations on how many miles and/or hours I should change my oil? Thanks in advance :)

Every 10 hours of riding. Approx 200 miles. :)

Alot of it depends on how hard you ride your bike. If you just use your bike for joy riding then you can go alot longer than someone that uses it for racing mx. I change my oil after every ride. I only race mx even when I practice twice a week I still change it everytime, along with the air filter etc. 10 hours isn't a bad starting point, but I wouldn't go that long. The more often you change your oil the better. Try it for three rides and see what happens. If your oil is dark then next time change it sooner. Everytime I change my oil it looks like I just poured it in. Still has the nice gold colour.

just my 2 cents

A lot really depends on the oil you use also!

Try the Amsoil 0w-40. Toughest oil I have ever used in a bike! It takes a TON of abuse and still comes out without color.

The type of oil makes little difference when it's polluted with clutch material and peices of metal. Best thing to do (on a YZF) is to change it at least every other ride (if riding MX). That is easily less than 100 miles.

You know you can change the filter more often than the oil!

There is a thought!

In this case the filter has relatively large holes in it and it doesn't grab all the little particles floating around in there. Good thought, maybe if it had a better filter.

I change oil after every third ride or after every race...

Oil is much cheaper than repairing premature engine failure!

Bonzai :)

Thanks for the info guys :). I dont think that my oil filter has been changed in a while so that can be one of my projects over spring break :D Thanks again!! :D

A magnetic drain plug probably whouldn't be a bad investment. :)

I use stock oil filter. Should I replace it everytime or should I just clean it out? I am thinking of cleaning it in automotive solvent.

The stock filter on the 426 is brass and is pretty good. Under normal riding conditions you can get away with changing the filter every two oil changes(Clean it out with brake parts cleaner). I would highly recommend backing up the filter with a magnetic drain plug (Very good(Cheap) insurance).

Bonzai :)

Oil is cheap and that bike doesnt hold much.Change it after every ride.I change my oil after every ride and change the filter every second ride I pay $12 just for a filter.Does anyone know where you can buy filters and the copper crush washers cheap or in bulk?The dealer really strokes us on prices.

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