basic suspension set-up questions

Looking for some help on setting up my suspension. I'm 210lbs, ride mostly in sandy terrain, with occasional rides on some hardpacked soil. Does anyone out there have some baseline settings that they recommend I start with? Not sure if the bike still has stock fork springs or not, but the entire suspension feels soft to me at this point, I know I don't have my sag set correctly yet, as the bike is very slow to turn in and the forks are already up in the trees about 14MM. I just picked up a service manual today so I'm working on the sag setting now, but I'd really like to hear from a few 200lbs on what they have thier bikes set at front and rear.

Thanks! Those two articles refreshed everything I thought I remembered about setting up suspension. I've now got my sag set. Looking forward to some track side adjustments.

Looking for some help on setting up my suspension. I'm 210lbs

Buy heavier springs. You will need a spring rate around 5.4 for your weight. You can set the sag with the stock spring but the preload will be cranked beyond specs. a stiffer spring will give you better performance.

I agree. Unfortunately the Japanese still are making bikes for th 170+/- 10 lbs. weight range. You need bigger springs to get it right for your weight. :)

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