The Perfect Bike

Yes the perfect bike, if your bill gates. now if my lotto tickets hits, im down O BBR baby

you might as well go buy a crf 450 and save 5pound's and 11'000 dollar's





[ May 08, 2002: Message edited by: evl2evil ]

So what is so special about that bike?

What’s so special? Honda brakes, Honda frame, Yamaha motor, let’s hope that it’s jetted right. Didn't say I would buy it. Just thought is was cool. I have not given up on Yamaha, but I'm going to wait and see what’s coming in 2003. I'm getting a new bike this year and it may have CRF on it.

you most $23,000 includes the "Honda Headshake"

The new CRF has new triple clamps and a shorter exhaust pipe. That is what most people in the Honda forum are having problems with.


you have it all wrong man...this is the perfect bike (especially when casing a 90 ft triple LOL)


I've tried to ride one, but my 6 year old keeps kicking me off.

Hey i think i can take you guy's on my son's xr50 if i can get him to stop long enough to let me have a turn

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