DRZ 400 Carb Drain Leak

Hi all,

I've recently bought a 2001 DRZ 400, and have noticed the carb drain hose is leaking petrol.  I've taken the carb off and had a look in the float bowl.  Upon blowing into the carb through the petrol feed pipe, it was obvious the float valve was not sealing properly.  I ordered a replacement valve kit and replaced the seal and plunger.  Blowing through the petrol feed pipe it is now completely sealed.  

However, I have re-installed the carb and petrol tank, turned the tap on and within about a minute it is leaking again.  It doesn't seem to be a consistent one drip at a time though.  Rather, it seems to dump a small quantity of petrol, then nothing for about 30 seconds, then dumps another small quantity.

The only other thing I could think could be causing this is an incorrect float height.  Does anyone else have any other ideas, or advice on how to go about checking the float height and adjusting if needed?



Correct. Incorrect float height, a pinched oring at the float needle seat, even a drain screw that is damaged or worse, the float bowl itself typically from over tightening the drain - It only needs to be snug and not cranked down as it is a taper fit.

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