Has anybody had any experience with the 756 on hard packed tracks, like Saddleback or Elsinore? I just ordered to brand new ones from rocky and Im thinkin I made a mistake on which tire to select.

i would have to say you did make a mistake, they're an excellent softy tire :)

I ran it at first on my bike, because it came with it. It works good on hard pack, but it wears a little quicker. thats the main thing you will notice, it will wear faster, but its not too bad.


Originally posted by Matt406:

It works good on hard pack....


That is definitely not my experience. Feels like you are riding on ball bearings on hard pack. No traction, and breaks loose unpredictably, especially the front.


For what it is worth from me :)

My brand new spanking 756's have one ride, they look like they have 4 rides on them.

Were I ride there is alot of hard-pack to rocky to Soft loam. Getting to the upper ranch area were there is real soft forrest loam takes your through alot of rocky / hard terrain.

The tracks are blue groove when note groomed, I made a big mistake getting the 756's

They are great tires they hook up great, but I will be disgrading them before somer is over I know. I am looking at the Bridgstones m22's

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Hi Shawn, I have 756's that are fine on hard-pack (or maybe I just don't know any better). They are light years better than the 739's that came stock! I've run Elsinore, local tracks in central California and lots of play on seriously hard-pack. They look to wear fast, but they seem to keep their traction untill way past other tires have lost their usefulness. They can chunk though. I don't know much, but I like them. :)

Thanks guys, I wasnt really worried about the wear as much as the hook up. If they wear out, it gives me something to do :)

I feel better about the hard pack stuff now. My experience with the hard pack tracks is you need unusually high air pressures. My best results with the 490/695 combo has been 15 in the front, 20 in the rear. But thanks guys, thanks again.

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