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My first bike, 2017 DR200S

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Hello All! I just bought my first bike. I think I got a decent deal. I spent months looking for this bike used and seem to have found what I wanted. Would like to hear any advice about what I got and any recommendations for maintaining it. I found it thru Bikefinds just 1.5 hours away from my home. It's a 2017 and it has 50 miles on the odometer. It is in pristine showroom condition. The gentleman bought it New from the local Suzuki dealer 3 months ago and he told me his family was not happy with him having a bike so he was forced to sell it. I bought it for $3000 with original manuals, paperwork, title etc.. He even included a new Scorpion helmet that he had bought with the Bike. I think I did pretty good on this deal. Just wanted to share with everybody.


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Congratulations on your find! I got the DR200SE 2006 in 2011 and it’s cool. I’ve put around 6000 miles on it. This is what it looks like now, since I put luggage on it, built a higher seat, and put higher bars on it. As it’s over 150 cc I can go on the freeway in a pinch. No issues that I can remember other than having to clean out the idling jet when I bought it, as it wouldn’t idle. 




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