752 or 756

I got two free tires from a pro at southwick. Each has one moto on it. What one do you guys like for sand? The sand i'm running is very similar to Southwick.


Who cares if it was free, just run them! LOL. The 756 is more of an intermediate, while the 752 is more of a soft terrain, more suitable for sand. Im not sure what the sand is like you speak of, but I'd say if its deep and soft, 752. they both work great though.


Originally posted by EgoAhole:

When I was 21 I got a dose of the crabs for free from a Pro :)

he, he, he,

You ain't right man!

thats for sure! :)



752s w/about 6lbs of air rip in the sand WFO!

you are a mind reader. What pressure was my next question. :)

yup, its deep and soft. I'm just gonna be running them for practice but as soon as i'm racing i'll pick up a set of 773's.

When I was 21 I got a dose of the crabs for free from a Pro :)

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