Headlight on/off switch

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has installed a on off switch for their headlight. I have an 04 650L and there are times when I would like to be a bit more stealth, and turn of the light. I was hoping someone could save me some test light time and tell me which color wire to splice into. Thanks.

It looks like there are 2 single wires to put a switch into, to turn it off if its on hi-beam or low-beam

1 would be the green ground lead right off the headlight bulb.

The other is one going to the hi/low beam switch that is labeled as Bu/W. Some color with a white stripe.

The highbeam wire is the "Bu" colored one.

The lowbeam is the "W" (white) one.

You have two choices:

1. Switch(as in break the electrical flow) the Green ground wire coming from the headlight itself, this will break the ground circuit for the headlight and open the circuit

2. Switch the Blue/White wire at the dimmer switch control, this will cut power to the headlight before it branches off into High or Low beam power

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