How hard is the hit on a WR 450?

I've always heard the yz450 has a ton of low end "hit" how does a wr450 compare? I've ridden xr400s, crf450s (my current bike), and xr 650's. I love the "hit" on the crf and xr 650s (I like the ability to wheelie in any gear) and was just wondering how the wr is.

There is no noticeable hit in the WR powerband like there is with the YZF. It just comes on smooth and quick and you can wheelie all day long with it. :)

WR450 Wheelie Madness!

So the hit is closer to an xr400?

Heheh, awesome clip Dave. You guys look like you're having a blast. :) I take it that's your bro on the DRZ?

My friend rides a CRF450 and my WR450 with it's stock cam felt like a turd compared to his bike. Quite honestly it did not feel very much more powerful than my WR400 to me. I put a YZ cam in it a couple months ago and I'm impressed now. It has an abrupt "hit" in the mid range but it still lugs down good on the low end, at least good enough for me on tight trails. In defense of any WR though, you can't even compare these bikes to an XR 400. My other friend rides an XR and it feels like my Dad's diesel Kubota tractor compared to a Corvette. I wouldn't ride an XR 400 to save my life. What a goofy, akward handling underpowered POS. :):D

Diesel Kubota tractor.........

I LOVE your way with words! I was in stitches with laughter when I read that.

Be good.

No hit here :)

I don't know about a WR450 but my 02 WR426 with all the free mods + a little port massaging to the head feels like you've been rear ended by a Mac truck when it comes on. Better hang on or you'll be sitting in the dirt watching it fade off into the sunset. :)

Watch it! I have a Kubota tractor / backhoe. Comes in handy for burying all the neighborhood pets after they take the one way Ted Bundy gurney ride at the vet’s office. Also great for burying XR400's that are even to slow to get out of UPS trucks way! :)

I mean no disrespect towards the Kubota...only the XR400! :)

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