A stinking two stroke question

I know you guys love when we post here but you always have the best info.

What is the best for a 2001 yz 250



sprocket set up

carb settings.

I just bought the bike and its bone stock now. I have a friend that rides a crf450 with pipe and were side by side right now. I'm trying to get and edge. Thanks thumpers and the other two smokers that browse the forum

oh yeah another ? I just ran the [@#$%&*!] out of the bike racing through field with my bud and when i shut the bike down a little but steady amount of smoke continued to come from the pipe for about two minutes. I pushed the kickstarter down a couple of times to clear it out but it just kept coming. It would be as much as if you put a lit cigarette in the silencer and the smoke came out. I repack the silencer and have yet to ride it. has anybody had this before and what was the problem/solution.

thanks again :):D

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