03 yamaha or honda?

Same guys who buy Cannondales

ROFLMA, that is ridiculous that some hillbilly thought that thing up. TOO FUNNY :)


As now, Yamaha is racing a 449cc, wet sump motor with new cases in a 2002 style frame, with 2002 plastics and graphics, in the japanese MX nationals.

I expect the new engine in a slightly altered frame and all new plastics for 2003, and that's just my guess.

I'm also curious to see anything about the rumored street legal supermotard, might be something to come out of it for the open MX class...


The guy that built that thing must be the son of the fabled Jato assisted Chevelle guy! Thats just too damn funny.

Ego, where the hell did you find that thing? That is the funniest looking death machine I have seen in a while.........hilarious --- who wants the test ride??? :)

If yamaha fixes some of these carb. problems then I might look at the WR450. That way I get E-start and can always make it run with the YZ's. Otherwise I'm getting a Honda.


Just searching the Web for wierd stuff.

Ya never now what comes up when you type in INBREED :)

ok guys all the trash talk is great but does ne one have ne idea as to what yamaha is doin for 03?

I tell you what. If all the YZF gets for 03 is an updated motor, and only a 10lb weight loss, then I will be keeping mine, and simply add a Dr. D supplied wet sump kit, Dr. D exhaust, new plastic, and a few choice other little things. My suspension is dialed in on this bike and I would hate to have to start all over again...especially since a new bike will probably not make me any faster whatsoever....

Now I would consider a nice 444cc kit too... :)

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The roost zone becomes the roast zone.


Rpadgett, the CR has the same carb and same potential carb issues as the YZ/WR. There are no real carb problems with the Yamaha, you just need to fine tune the fuel screw for you rlocal conditions for one kick starting.

i think the the yz450 will have more power but the crf450 will have the better handling. i think the cannondale dirtbikes will always suck. by the way, what exactly is the advantage of buying a cannondale? they have tons of problems, are really heavy, can be a big difference in one bike to another of the same year(ec500 or ec1000) are more expensive, and unreliable.

Hey all

Until Yamaha release something solid, then all is open game. We "I" are not trashing anything, I am just adding some humor to the rumers.

as far as the 03 440/450/430 or 747 boing jumbo turbo jet who really cares Not me but its fun to specualte


I like to tinker around with my bike. However is seems to me that the Yamaha group has alot more issues than the Honda group. I have a 99 400 that runs like a dream. I love to ride this bike. However I do plan to buy a new bike this year and I intend to look at the other bikes on the market. As far as carb problems I think that the BK mod, blue wire fixes and the endless stories about fouled plugs has to make you wonder if Yamaha is listening to the people that buy their bikes. I do alot of reading on TT and have learned alot from you guys. When the 03 models come out I will do more reading and see which bike will fit me the best. Right now I think that the 03 WR will fit the bill, but only time will tell. I would like a lighter bike and the e-start would make my day. I do alot of trail riding so I don't have to have the lightest, fastest, meanest bike on the planet. I just want to enjoy the time I get to spend on my bike and not have to worry about things the factory should have got right the first time.


That is a great pic of the Cannondale test vehicle. I had to laugh when I looked at the page on the rifle flame thrower at:FLAME THROWER. Man...I would hate to be that guys neighbor!


i'm in jax, fl., too. u go to ocala a lot?

I go as much as possible. Great place to get away to.

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