Steering locked one way....

Hi all, had a problem with my XR600 over Easter while riding...

The Steering Stem locked one way, it could turn one way but not the other. If you pushed hard enough it would free up and turn but this obviously was very dangerous for me. I free'd it up with WD40.

Now...Does that sound like the Stem bearing to you? or maybe the steering lock?

(NOTE: I never had the key for the steering lock, so never used it.). Is it hard to service the steering stem? (e.g. replace bearings and seals?) :)


Sounds like it could be a bad bearing (maybe it came apart?? It would have to be pretty mangled to lock up the steering stem) Mine stem doesn't have a keyed lock on it. It's a pretty easy process to service the bearings. I try to do mine once a year or so. If you end up having to replace the lower bearing it will have to pressed (hammered) off and the new bearing pressed on (not hammered, lol). Shoot me a PM if you need torque specs etc.

Happened to me about a decade ago, top bearing exploded and almost put me into a 'lectric pole...XR frames get very hot from the oil, and dry those bearings right up. You'll be better off replacing them both, while putting tons 'o grease. Use the stickiest/heat resistant grease you can find.

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