XR650R Custom Registration

Hello all,

There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it.

I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC?


Just depends where you live my XR650R actually came with a title  so just bought the Minnesota plate 

you can register a dirt bike in MN for a plate but no title - just have to promise it's street legal  - not hard to do with a battery and LED lights

Good Luck

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