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Just acquired some DR350's

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Hi all,

So this past weekend my girlfriend and I purchased some DR350's.  The white one is a 1994, has had the airbox mod done and has been jetted for it (a bit rich IMO but whatever) Its had forks done recently, as well as brakes and other maintenance. Could use a new chain and rear sprocket. My girlfriend got this one.

I went cheaper with the black one. Ive been told its a 1990 frame with a 1997 motor, electrics, and possibly forks and wheels (boy that will be fun ordering parts for!) Its got the TM33 carb from kientech and  a supertrapp muffler. Im pretty sure thats the Maier MX style fender on the back. Compared to the white one it hauls! Im changing the tail light and putting signals back on (Ew, I know)

We are wanting to put a TM33 on the white one. I happen to have a matched set of 4 left over from a failed "motorcycle carb conversion" on a little english car. The jets have been drilled out for running a 2.0.

Im just not sure on where to start for jetting when putting one on the DR. Would it be best to take the jets from the CV carb and put them in the TM33, and tune from there?

Also, if anyone else has the MX style rear fender, what are you running for a tail light? Im not a fan of the skinny little LED things.




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