Will a big bore street bike exhaust canister work on a wr400?

Hey there, anybody tried putting on a big bore street bike canister (like ducati) on their WR400?

I'm basically looking for a cheap (under $40) replacement to my very loud megamax "muffler". I don't mind losing some power, I just prefer a quieter bike. It has new batting and a "quiet core type insert".

I think I could fit a hanger to just about any canister to make it fit the frame. Each cylinder in a streetbike is between 450 and 500 cc. I would just need to be sure that the inlet pipe fits a 2" mid pipe, which is what's on mine now.

Any thoughts?

As long as you are handy enough to make a subframe mounting strap and to re-jig the pipe to meet the header at the right point in space, then there should be no problems fitment wise... Just find a muffler the length you want and start cutting or bending tube. You may have to flare the end of the tube to fit over the end of the header, but should be no problem, or cut an OEM one up and graft that on for the exhaust gasket simplicity...

Good luck, post pics if you do it :)...


Watch out for the fit. The rear tire will hit a large diameter canister. :)

This could be a starting point.... nice colour :) (if the pic is right)


add a titanium header and you are good to go...


Cylinder size on an R-1 is only 250cc. Don't know all that much about the stuff, but that may have an effect. I guess the header lenght and diameter would have more impact on the cylinder size and performance than the silencer. I think that can might be pretty big. Cool idea though, keep us informed. *I'm no expert, just thinking out loud... :D I threw away my old stock pipe for my FZ1. It was a heavy beast though, stainless.


the cylinder size may be 250cc, but the overall gas flow of the single muffler is still for the whole litre... unless the exhaust is 4 into 4, the muffler would have plenty of capacity. even 4 into 2 with twin mufflers would flow for at least 500cc...


Those R1 stock mufflers are HUGE compared to a WR400/426 muffler. There is no way you could fit one, as it would foul either the plastic sideplate, or the rear tyre. Probably both. :) You would be better off keeping an eye on eBay for an oval shaped aftermarket can, or if it's just quiet you want, check the classifieds on TT for a stock 400/426 muffler.

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