Auto clutch

Has anyone here tried an auto clutch on their BRP? Pro's and con's? Seems like you would lose a ton of power. All I think about is the 5hp mini bike from days of old when I hear 'auto clutch'

I too have been very interested in the auto-clutch. The main draw back that has prevented me from trying one is you loose the ability to bump start. I ride mountain trails late spring through summer and fall. Bump starting is a very convenient feature when you stop on a down hill trail. Other than that the auto-clutch features seem to outwiegh any negative traits I have read about.

The only other negative feature that would concern me is something that has never happened to me yet. That is if your throttle stuck open for some reason the auto-clutch would engage. But here again this would be a rare occurance and has never happened to me in my years of biking. This would be a good reason to keep the stock clutch lever functional (possible on the most popular brands of auto-clutches) instead of the converting it to a rear brake lever. Or you would have to pretrain yourself to be quick on the kill button.

The Z-start clutches have a clutch perch manual adjusting feature that you can install for a price which means you do not have to go back into the clutch housing to make minor adjustments after installing the clutch. Some have suggested its a big hassle keeping the clutch adjusted because of no external way to fine tune it. With the Z-Clutch you can have the external adjustment.

The Revloc auto-clutch (by far the most expensive) seems to be the one needing the least amount of tuning after it is installed. Those who have the money to own them that I have read, say you simply install it and forget about it.

Well thats what I have learned both by reading many posts about them and calling both manufacturers and asking about them.

I guess I dont fully understand how these auto clutches work. Do you still have to shift through the gears? Or does it make the bike like the old mini bikes in which you just gas and go?


Rev-loc works by syntrifical force, but it doesn't need more force for more clutch pressure. At an adjustable point the clutch engages just like releasing the clutch leaver. It will engage as slowly or as quickly as you roll the throttle. It's an incredable piece of engineering! A lot of "A" riders use them. I wouldn't mind, but can't justify the money. I have heard though that the price dropped dramaticly when competition hit the market. Someone said in the 4 to 5 hundred buck range but I haven't verified that with Rev-loc. Besides, I gotta getta quicksilver first! :)

From what it sounds, you do shift through, but don't HAVE to use clutch. You can but it won't stall if stopped without pulling it in or starting out in an unusual gear. Some people remove the clutch lever or convert it to rear brake.

it makes the clutch ride work like a honda atc, back when you just shifted gears by letting off the throttle!

1) you still shift

2) properly set up, there is no power loss whatsoever

3) still engine brakes (if desired)

3) no bump starting


So I take it there is no 'feathering ' of the clutch when you need a few more rpms in like a hill climb situation?

A lot of "A" riders use them.

I think that's CHEATING! They should be A* riders. But it would be fun to try one out.

So I take it there is no 'feathering ' of the clutch when you need a few more rpms in like a hill climb situation?

Sure, you can still feather the clutch as normal if you want to, but the z-Start does a near perfect job of it for you once it's setup for your application. Also, the clutch lever pull a much lighter with the z-Start than without it.

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