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DR 150 / DR 200 in a DR100 chassis / KSM 300 builds

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So , I don't know . I guess I have been just wondering if this is possible and picking up everything has been relatively cheap . Looking now for a Dr 200 wiring harness or a GN 250 wiring harness . So just to explain all of this . DR 100 giveaways are fairly common . So I started to researching and realized that I could get many kits for the top ends for cheap . Plus it seemed that the DR 100 chassis was a big frame adapted to be a mini bike . So I connected the dots and took some measurements . I ended up with two DR 100 bikes one in great shape minus a poor running engine skipped timing chain . And an incomplete DR 100 . All three engines had issues . I built a 2010 Konker KSM 200 and sold it what I had into it . Not bad for the fun I had on it . When it sold I picked up another one for very little it had a lay down . Also had a 82 DR 250 , chassis poor neglected and corroded but ran pretty good . So I am putting a 300 kit on it and shoe horning it into the Konker chassis . The 200 motor is going into the DR 100 chassis with a SP 125 swing arm and shock that I put a DT 200 front end on , ( mad dog flattracker I hope ) . Oh yeah , and a 150 kit in the nice DR 100 with a DR 200 head and stock DR 200 camshaft and 26mm Carburetor . Think that covers it . IMG_0645.thumb.JPG.783d029810edad1bd3327b27a1d1eff5.JPGIMG_0643.thumb.JPG.8b70659fa9cea86166ac506f4229e224.JPGIMG_0646.thumb.JPG.48bf662824825f009cbc8a0f741cd123.JPGIMG_0659.thumb.JPG.586e82490713ea13de5195df6d16a4bb.JPG

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