Nope, they are aluminum, to save weight, and to minimize the flywheel effect. They also contaminate the motor oil more than steel plates, and tend to expand more than steel. Putting quality steel clutch plates will give you more feel, last longer, and add a little more engine grunt. If you cryo treat them, they will also last forever. Moose makes good plates.

gal,the clutch plates are steel, I just replaced

them along with the fibers.All factory yamaha. :)

im sure if you have billets clutch basket you dont still have stock clutch plates.there are most likely steel.

The clutch plates on my '99 WR are steel. (They stick to a magnet.)

Stock plates are steel. Since the 426 (and most other four strokes) share oil between the tranny and motor, the contamination from aluminum plates would not be acceptable.

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