Putting Up The Bike.

What is the best way to store my bike for a few Months?

Do I just drain the carb?I am having surgery soon on my back and won't be able to start it for a while. :)

As a general rule, before storage you should perform all maintenance (chain the oil, adjust things, clean the air filter, etc..). The oil should be changed regardless, but the other items are so you don't forget about them during the months it's laying up. Add some stabilizer to the fuel and run it for a few minutes to get it into the carb. Alternatively drain the fuel. Put a teaspoon of oil through the spark plug hole and kick it over a few times to spread it around the cylinder. That's about all that I can think of.

Adding to the above (depending on how long a few months is), I might also do the following:

Try to avoid storage where extreme temp changes may occur

I would drain the tank of fuel (to avoid any yellowing of decals)

Plug the exhaust to keep the gremlins out (some would also cover the intake too)

Drop the tire pressure a bit and get the bike's wheels off the ground (don't want no square tires :))

Cover the bike with an old sheet or canvas, but not plastic or non-porous material (will trap moisture and 'sweat').

When 'recommissioning' reverse procedures and don't forget to check all controls (throttle, brakes, kill switch, etc) before hitting the dirt.

Thank you for the big help. :)

Don't forget to spray WD40 over all exposed metal i.e. frame, engine, exhaust, etc., taking care to avoid your brake rotors! I'd even coat your rims, can't hurt. . .

Good point on the WD-40. I vote for draining the gas completely. Make sure to drain the float bowl on the carb.

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