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Interesting data on db levels.....

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Hello all...

With all the discussion on sound lately, I thought you might like to see this....

It came from Big Gun as a response to a few questions I had about sound on their systems.


The WR stock is about 85 DB. With the baffle out it is about 100 DB. Our race system is about 102 to 104 DB. Our quiet system is about 94 to 96 DB. The WR and YZ system of ours only come as a complete system. The reason is that we create a lot of our horse power in the head pipe. If cost is a issue

Rocky MTN ATV and Moto Man Etc. in the magazine sell our product at a 10% discount.


Does anyone have a Big Gun quiet series to compare to what their claims are?



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I've got one trail ride on my Big Gun, so I'm still gathering data, but my initial impressions are very positive.

I bought the Race Series with the Quiet insert, and have only run the Quiet insert. The Race series with the Quiet core is supposed to be the same as the Quiet Series system, which means I could have gotten the Quiet Series (with Quiet sticker) and a Race insert and ended up at the same place - having both setups. So, their branding strategy is sort of confusing. I don't think there's $$$ savings either way.

It's quiet, but I don't have a real reading yet. It's not as quiet as the stock setup with the plug in, but not far off - especially at, and just off, idle. I need to be under 96 Db for an event in a few weeks, so I'll know for sure then. It was noticeably louder than stock in the mid- and high-ranges, but still mellow compared to stock uncorked.

Performance was much better than stock with the tip in. It was strong and crisp off the bottom, and pulled well, and further, in the middle and on top. When lugged, it felt and sounded a bit sluggish until it got into the meat of the band, but that may be jetting. I'm running stock jetting (168/42?) with no airbox lid, YZ timing, and No-Toil filter/oil, between 2500 and 6000 ft.

I won't have a chance to run the Race core for a few more weeks. I've run the stock pipe uncorked way more than corked, so that vs. the Race setup will be an easier comparison for me.

As long as the Quiet setup passes tech inspection, I'll be happy with it. The performance and sound experience on my first woods ride was just what I was looking for, and may even get better with some jetting tweaks.

One minor gripe: The system requires the YZ bolt/collar/damper parts to bolt it to the WR subframe, which weren't included and of course weren't in stock at my local Yammie shop, so I had to leave that beautiful pipe sitting in my garage for a few more days than I wanted to.




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Just got tested last weekend, 2000 wr with baffle out, 103-104 db. They still let me run but cautioned me to get it changed.

They have you turn the throttle 1/4 of a turn when they check it, but obviously the more you turn it the more noise it will make, why test at a low throttle setting when while racing everyone will be blasting the throttle full bore.

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