White Bros Carbon Pro exhaust and carb settings?

..... I just installed the stated exhaust system. Any suggestions on carb settings? Fuel screw etc.? 03YZF450.

.....I can say that with the stock header and a PC T-4 slip on, I got popping under deceleration. More than I heard from other YZF's Just enought irritate me into attempting to dial it in. I had read some where that if I adjust the fuel screw it remedies the situation? Any infor would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, -Spode.

It works fine stock although you may want to lower clip one position(raise needle). The popping can be from mid pipe section breathing too much air due to incomplete sealing.

I love mine........ :)

...yeah, I am familiar with that scenario regarding the pipe juncture. However, this kit says "No clamp needed". Have you sealed yours? If not, works fine?

Thanks bro.


The White Bros works fine no popping on mine.

I put in a 168 main and raised the needle one step..

Fuel screw 2 turns out.. Runs like a charm..

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