I’ve got an old barn find ‘83 CR80R that needs either a new carb or a rebuild kit. I haven’t been able to find either anywhere. 

Does anyone know where I can find either?

housing, bowl and all the hard parts seem fine, if I can find a rebuild kit with a new float I think I’ll be ok. Right now it runs but only when I leave the choke on, smokes heavily and likes to bog down on takeoff



any numbers / letters stamped on the side of it ?



No model numbers inside or outside



Should be something here


Your jets are probably blocked - take the carb off & give it a clean

I have been into the carb, cleaned all jets and ports with wire and carb cleaner and set the float per the clymer manual I have. Everything inside is clean and I never leave fuel in the bowl

It’s a PE28. Honda used it on the CR80 for while, so parts should be easy to find. 

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I think a newer carb would fit

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