Sprocket and Chain Deals

I need a new set and was wondering if you guys know of any good combo deals out there. I was thinking of getting a DID X-Ring with steel sprockets all around. Has anyone has luck with the sprocket specialties alluminum Titan tough coated rear sprocket? They seem to have good deals on them at http://www.onoffroad.com. What length of chain do you guys get with a 14/52 combination?


Also what do you guys think of the stainless steel sprockets on Rock Mountain? Are they worth the money. I don't want to change the sprocket or chain for many years so I want to buy good ones and take care of them.

I just got a Rocky catalog too. Those stainless sprockets are fairly cheap in there and it has to be certain that the stainless is going to out last the aluminum sprocket by at least 4 or 5 times. If I had the catalog when I bought my sprockets, I probably would have gone with one of the stainless ones my self. Ive only had one Renthal sprocket, and I wont be doing that again unless its free.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that Sidewinder quit selling stainless steel sprockets because they were bending. Who makes the stainless steel sprokets you are looking at? I ran the complete high-dollar set-up from Sidewinder (chain and ti-moly sprocket). In the end, I decided it simply wasn't worth the money. Now I buy a combo package of Talon sprockets (14/50) and a DID gold chain for $110.

I ordered a steel sprocket kit and a gold DID chain from www.dirt-deals.com for 85 + 10 shipping= $95. You can get the sprockets with a regular chain for $50 or 2 diffrent DID chains one for 15 extra and one 35 extra.

Rocky Mountain has pretty much captured my business. I still can't find anyone to beat their tires deals. I had an issue with one of their rude sales reps once and emailed them about my dissatisfaction. Lo and behold, I got a call from the prez AND the manager who apologized profusely and then sent me a $50 gift cetificate. That's class!!

Well I ordered a new X-ring chain and stainless steel rear sprocket from Rocky Mountain. The sales staff over the phone was very helpful. I will order from them again. I will update everyone on the stainless steel sprocket if you guys want.

Rocky Mountain is the way to go. Excellent service and delivery within 2 days! I got a DID x-ring and a set of Primary Drive sprockets for $90. I have about 8 hours on them and they haven't even begun to to show signs of wear. I was skeptical about a steel rear because of the weight, but you can't even tell the difference. A third the price of aluminum and they last 4 to 5 times longer, what else can you say? I will never go back to aluminum...

Steel sprockets and x-ring DID chains evry purchase.......

Holy old threads, Batman!!!

Must be an old thread, Rocky has totally upped their prices. The tire I "used to" buy from them was $44, now it is $55! IRC VE 33. Also, their DID x ring chain went up like $20!

MotoSport Outlet and TT will be getting more business.

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