How much would you pay?

Hey everybody. Quick question for y'all. I recently went riding and about halfway through my ride my motor seized on my '07 CRF250X. I haven't investigated it much but I checked the oil when I got home and there basically was none so I'm assuming that was the culprit. There weren't any metal shavings in the filter or on the plug either. At this point I'm trying to decide to rebuild the motor or just sell the bike as is and let the next buyer deal with it (they would know the deal obviously.) I feel that I'm pretty mechanically inclined but rebuilding a CRF engine is a bit out of my league and I assume paying a shop to do it would put me out more money than the bike is worth. So, I have this question to ask; what would be a fair price for a pretty dang nice shape 07 CRF250X, with a seized motor with an unknown extent of internal damage?

I’ve rescured a number of motorcycles and been lucky with a few and unlucky with more than that.  I personally wouldn’t spend more than $1k for a non-runner with potential internal damage, and probably more like $750 if I knew I could replace the whole engine for less than another $750 and still be a little ahead if I ran into bad surprises.

Another options would be to replace the engine with a known-good one.

A third option woiuld be to tear into it yourself.  It’s a lot of work, but if a computer nerd like me can pick up the skills with videos, the manual and forums (and ideally a little help from friends), you could do it.

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