Will a CRF 450 rear shock fit a DR650?

I have been offered a cheap shock off a CRF 450, would it fit and more importantly be any better than the standard DR650 shock?

thanks in advance

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I would love to see a shock conversion for this bike!  I looked into the drz400 shock conversion but did not find compelling reviews. I need to do something with the shock on my 650 now, thinking about rebuilding with a race tech gold valve and new stiffer spring. Please share if you find any thing out.

I personally think that you'd be time and money ahead by going with Race Tech's shaft replacement.  It's not cheap ($400) but it's a complete shaft and valve replacement, and it's a bolt on deal.  And if you factor in the cost of a "different shock", valving it for your bike and then modifying who knows what to make it fit, you will be time and money ahead.

http://www.racetech.com/page/title/SMSA Shaft Assemblies



Or you could go this route:



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