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Valve job Honda CRF250R 2010 - Del West valves, new seats, new guides...

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Hi there!

I wanna put some new valves in my old training bike - 2010 CRF250R.

My main question is, what parts I should buy - what parts I should replace?

FASTHEADS offers a rebuild, were they use the follwing parts:

Beryllium Copper Intake Seats, Bronze Manganese exhaust guides, Chromium Nitride Coated Ti intake valves, Kibblewhite Black Diamond exhaust valves, OEM springs.

  • They change the intake seats to actually match the titanium intake valves (stock seats are not perfect for the Ti intake valves)
  • New exhaust guides, because they are mostly gone because of the rocker arm

They leave the intake guides and exhaust seats (probably just re-cut them).


Thats what I have on my list:

  1. New titanium intake valves - Del West or Xceldyne ?
  2. New intake seats - Beryllium Copper or MoldStar®90 (Beryllium-Free Copper) ?
  3. New exhaust valves - OEM Honda or Kibblewhite Black Diamond ?
  4. New exhaust guides - Bronze Manganese or MoldStar®90 (Beryllium-Free Copper) ?
  5. New valves springs - OEM Honda or...?

When everything is true what they say about the MoldStar 90 stuff it's better than BeCu.

Is this enough or should I replace everything seats and guides intake/exhaust?

Any advantages if I go all titanium intake plus exhaust valves? Don't think so...

Thanks in advance ;)

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2 hours ago, Doogee57 said:

  Is Fastheads using MoldStar 90? If not, then who is?

No, Fastheads using standard BeCu seats. Pro-1 Racing Heads is using non-beryllium copper valve seats (same as used in NASCAR cylinder heads) and copper-nickel valve guides.


eBay: HONDA CRF 250/450 PRO-1 Racing Cylinder Head Services new seats and guides

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Yesterday, I took the cylinder head apart. One intake valve was out of clearance, like mentioned on the MXTIME website. You could see wear on the valves from going up and down.

The intake valve guides are good. But the exhaust guides are worn out (like mentioned by FASTHEADS).

So I will order new exhaust guides and new intake valve seats (probably MoldStar 90).


Anybody has suggestions about the valves and valve springs?

Del West or Xceldyne intake valves?

OEM Honda or aftermarket exhaust valves?

OEM Honda or aftermarket valve springs?


Maybe I will throw in a new camshaft, because you can see wear on the old one.

But I don't want to spend more than $400,- bucks on the new camshaft.

The cam should be ok with pump gas!

What about Daniel Crowers V1 cams or WEBCAM with profile 970/1115 (needs race valve spring kit). But they are both under the 400 dollar mark.

Please let me know...


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