RM-Z 450 2011 fork spring

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I have 2 hours on my RMZ 450 2011 that i bought last week but i think the forks are very hard for me... (i am 85kg)

I just opened the forks and order some fork oil to change it tomorrow because it was very bad (i don't know how long it was working with the same oil)

But my problem is that i can't see the marks on the springs that tell their rate (probably have been erased by working i guess), so i don't know if it is soft, std or hard. 

Is there any other way to tell what rate are they?

Sorry for my english.... i am from Greece!!

Thank you...


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(Το αγγλικό σας είναι καλύτερο από το ελληνικό μου.) <- google translate.  Your english is better than my Greek.. :p 

Factory fork springs have no markings on them.  Only way to know what you've got in there is to compression load them on a test bench.  Or, you can just order new springs according to your weight and riding style.  

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