Posted in 250 forum also but !!!

Me Son :) is buyig a 250f what is the ave OTD for the beast in CA

what's your question?

I think he is asking for the out the door price.

OTD=Out The Door :)

Ok second try

I asked

what is the ave OTD for the beast in CA

Translated to ENGLISH this means::: :)

What are People In California Paying ON Average for Out The Door on a 250f........

Already looked it up its about 5800 to 6100 in Ca

down to 5200 in other parts of the known unverse

CA Sucks

Thanks Wylie

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Berts mega mall-around $5600-5800 . They have a **** load of bikes. Every make too! Check out there web-site!

Hey Ego,

My buddy just bought his from temecula and got a really good deal. We had it shipped up here in the crate and still saved money from the train robbers up here in the silly con area...

I think it was 54 otd plus 175 shipping...nothin like putting your brand new bike together for the first time. Plus you also get the metal crate which can be converted into a shop shelving unit! :)




You got the web site

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Originally posted by EgoAhole:


You got the web site

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Check your PM.


Answered on the 250f forum also but????

OTD $5450

Shipping $220

I was quoted $190 for shipping, but I waited two days before locking in the price…oh well!

Best price in No. Cal was $6100…I think.

So J, how’s the shelving holding up???

Bert's didn't even have a yz250 like 3 days ago. With all that inventory you would think they would have one of the most popular bikes in stock. Egoahole you have private mail, I think you will find it interesting. hehe :)

That's because the yamahas are the best bike going! :):D:D Pretty crazy, considering when i got mine they had rows upon rows of yzs,wrs,they must have sold like hot cakes!


You'll be giving your kid the 426 after about 3 rides of throwing your leg over the BabyF. :)

Woooo Hoooo

No I got someone I can beat

My son piked up a yz250f OTD 6k, they through in a set of new Vetcors 40% off and 20% off on accessories one buy only

Not bad not bad at all..........


RayO what shelving :)

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